Perfect Match

After reading over my last post about having the ability to get away every once in a while during work made me realize how perfect my husband and I are together. The last time I talked about my husband and his work was in regards to how much we both love working with people.

Well after my husband saw my post he told me how he looks at his job in the exact same way and he would probably go just as crazy if he was required to be around other roofers at all times as if he always had to work solo. We are just the perfect match for each other 🙂

finding that happy medium

Just like me and my career, my husband does have the option to kind of go off and do his own thing when he is working on certain roofing or construction jobs and get some time alone. Although he doesn’t get his own roof to work on, he definitely has enough room where he can find his own space and be in his own little world. This was just the case last weekend when he was working with another roofing company, Superior Roofing, Siding & Gutters, and he wasn’t having the best day.

roofDepending on the kind of work they are doing determines how easily he is able to get away and collect himself. When working on home improvement projects inside he is generally in much closer quarters with other contractors and doesn’t have much space to get away. When he is having a bad day like last weekend, he much prefers working with repairing or adding an asphalt roof because there is a lot more room to work and is obviously done outside. There are many jobs that go into what he does and if he is having an off day there is always something to do that is away from others if he so desires.

I have never really though about it before, but I really do think this is a big reason my husband and I are so good together. We love working with people and being around others 99% of the time but respect each others space when we need it.

Working Solo

As you could probably tell from my last couple of posts, my husband and I both enjoy working with others (for the most part at least). I really couldn’t imagine having to work by myself in an office or cubicle and not have any interactions with people.

As a photographer, I do get to enjoy working with other people and clients in my building and thankfully, we get along great. That being said, as a normal human being (I like to think anyway) I do enjoy my alone time every once in a while and do need some alone time.

Best of both worlds

I found an interesting article on Reddit about people giving their personal experiences with working in an office. Click here if you are interested but to sum it up, it sounds horrible and I couldn’t imagine doing it.

This is a huge reason why I love my career so much. While I really can’t get away from taking pictures and working with my clients, if I am ever having a bad day or just really need to get away for a little bit my job gives me the options of getting away to my own room for a bit and finishing up my work solo. I am so fortunate to be working where I am and have the ability to this because everyone needs their alone time sometimes, right?

Once I get whatever I need to out of my system I can get right back into our main office with my co workers and get right back to work with them. We all understand that personal space is important and everyone that I work with respects and honors it whenever it happens without question.

Working With Others

The community that is involved with photography is so great and makes my job so much better each and every day. Personally, I love working and interacting with people every day and especially seeing how excited their faces are when I first show them the results of our last photo shoot.

Taking pictures might not be for everyone but anyone can appreciate the feeling of someone being genuinely surprised (in a good way) at the way your work turned out for them.

we are people persons

The same thing goes for my husband as well. We have always gotten along with other people and genuinely enjoy the company of others. As you know by now, Jack works for a construction company and the majority of the work he does is roofing for homes and loves who he works with.

friendNeither of us could imagine working in an office or a cubicle without any human interaction for work and we are extremely thankful for having the careers that we have. He recently did a project for a company where they were looking to hire affordable roof repair in Tulsa, OK and he was put on a team of about 10 other roofing contractors that he had never worked with before.

They were all licensed & insured contractors like my husband, but they apparently weren’t used to working with someone as friendly and chatty as Jack. They had to remodel commercial buildings at 2 different locations for a client and my husband was on the job for just over a month. During that time he told me that he probably had a full conversation maybe two times over the coarse of the whole project.

Thankfully his normal crew of guys are just as talkative as he is and neither of us could imagine having to do a job where we work with unfriendly people like that all day.

Photography Community

Now that I have talked about a downside to being a photographer and got that out of the way, I can go back to my normal positive self 🙂

wonderful people

photosA huge reason that I love what I do so much is that for some reason, I have found that others who are involved with photographer have an automatic kinship to others who do the same thing. Now that being said, I realize that this might seem obvious and needless to say but I have worked other random jobs in my teenage and early 20’s years and none of them have had the tight knit community feel that I feel with the field of photography.

we understand each other

We have a deep appreciation and understanding of each others ideas and passions and we embrace them with completely open arms. There are so many different things that you can do with pictures and this career gives each person their own space to be individuals and be creative in ways that they normally can’t be with your every day typical careers.

This freedom of expression is something that I cannot be more thankful for and everyone who is involved in the photography community understands what I mean by this.

There is nothing more that I love than sharing ideas or photos that I have done with someone else who is as passionate as I am about what I do. I wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂


Any Downsides?

For the most part I think I have been pretty upbeat and positive with my career and my hobby, haven’t I? You might be wondering if being a photographer is all rays of sunshine and there is absolutely no downsides to pursuing this as a career.

Well, I would like to say that it is and besides the fact that I am not making millions (hey, I can dream too) there really is only one thing that I can think of off the top of my head that I would consider as a “con” to my career choice.

can you do me a favor?

freeI hope none of my friends or family reads this part, but I figure I have to be a little fair and balanced with everything so here goes.

The one thing that can be a little irritating is the fact that a lot of friends or friends of friends have come to me and asked if I would like to be the photographer for their wedding, birthday, or any other random events and they always have the assumption that because I am their friend that they do not need to pay me for my time.

Now I probably sound evil but put yourself in my shoes. Photography is my career and although I do enjoy it when I am not at work, I still feel like me taking my whole day to capture yours is something that deserves a little compensation.

I am not talking about anything crazy and I am happy to give very nice discounts to friends and family, but I would never ask my husband to put a new roof on my friends house for free just because he’s my husband.

Ok… ranting over 🙂

Not Just My Career

My kids aren’t the only ones who appreciate their mother’s career and love of photography; pretty much everyone in my life does! Now I understand that photography might not be for everyone and not everyone can walk around 24/7 with a camera ready to go at all times.

eyeBut that being said, I have found it very hard to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate the pictures that are being taken when they are showed. I understand that a lot of people might prefer to embrace the moment instead of just trying to take tons of pictures, but those same people are always so grateful that someone was there to snap a few pictures when they weren’t.

everyone can use them!

So you know by now that my husband, Jack, works for a construction company and they do a lot of roofing and home improvement projects. Can you think of any company or business that wouldn’t benefit from having a professional photographer as their wife? Because I am the lovely and caring wife that I am, I helped my husband and his company with their photography work for their website and other aspects of their business and they could not have been more grateful and appreciative.

Can you guess who was behind the camera in a lot of these pictures and ideas?

You guessed it, me! Sometimes a bunch of guys just need a woman’s touch to their business and make it stand out to more than just guys with tool belts 🙂

My Kids Too

As you know by now, I focus my career and most of my photography on children and maternity portraits. On my last one you saw how I incorporate my photography into my own every day life by sneaking pictures of my husband if he is ever doing work around our house when he isn’t expecting it (I do not condone this!).

my children love it!

9You better believe that I take just as many pictures, if not way more, of my kids every day as I do with my husband. I love taking pictures of them when they aren’t necessarily expecting it and when I can catch them off guard. I think I talked about it a little bit last time, but I love action shots when people don’t realize I am taking their picture and really am able to capture the moment as a whole and completely naturally.

Both of my kids love my photography just as much as I do and I am really trying to get them more into it so that they can appreciate what it means to capture memories and remember the good days of being together as a family before they get too old and forget about little old mom and dad. Once that day comes you better believe that I will have books and books filled with memories so they will never be able to fully escape their mother!


Every Aspect of My Life!

Sometimes I think I might be being a little bit obnoxious with my camera for other people but you know what? I cannot help myself and there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t be able to capture some sort of memory with a quick photo.

my real life

So you know at this point that my career and specialty is with children and maternity photos, but you can always see me with a camera at home as well.
9If you caught my about page, you know that my husband, Jack, works for a construction company and a lot of the work he does is roofing on commercial buildings and homes.

If he has ever done any work on our house I always try and sneak out and capture some moments of him doing his work when he isn’t looking and I get as many as I can until he finally notices. This may sound kind of creepy to some of you out there but there is something about capturing live moments when someone is doing something they love and they don’t even know that they are being photographed. And I hope this goes without saying, but you obviously only do this with people you know would be alright with it. I am not trying to condone any secret photography here 🙂

Why Children and Mothers?

Well if any of you were curious enough to make to my about page you know that I am a very proud mother of two beautiful children and they are my entire life. I don’t know what my life would be like without them and I don’t even want to think about it.

Needless to say, this covers most of the reasoning of why I chose to go into children and maternity photography specifically and I love every minute of my job.

Making memories last

8I still look at the pictures I had taken with my family while  I was pregnant with both of my kids and I still find myself looking at them every so often and they never don’t warm my heart. This is why I chose to use my love and skills with photography to help mothers keep these memories for the rest of their lives and give them a beautiful collection that they can always turn to.

There is a lot that goes into good photography and in order to get the perfect shot I can easily take hundreds in a single shoot and going over all of them with expected mothers is always my favorite part of the job. I love telling them how much they are going to appreciate these moments when their children grow up and to never forget the journey they are about to be taking.

Worth A Thousand Words…

There really is nothing that can compare to the feeling of finding a old photograph from years ago that you have forgotten about and you can immediately put yourself back to that exact place and time and feel the emotions coming back to you.

This is the reason I have always had such a fascination and passion for photography and my camera. There is never a moment in time that you will not someday wish you could relive (well, for the most part) and I for one don’t want to leave any memories behind.

not just my job

7I probably get annoying with my photography, but there isn’t anything that I won’t try to incorporate it in somehow or in some way. Thank you cards, invitations, holiday cards, and everything in between has some sort of incorporation with my photography for whoever I am giving them to and it always goes a really long way.

There is something about taking the time to go out of my way and show that I care about the relationships and the people that I have in my life and that I cherish them so much by keeping pictures of them and the memories that go with them forever.

Doesn’t it feel great to actually get a card in the mail these days with technology taking over? Now think about how much better it feels when you know that person wasn’t just doing it because they felt like they had to. This is what I try to capture with my photography.