Hi! I am Jenny and work as a professional photographer who specializes in maternity and children’s portraits. I have always have a huge passion and love for photography and feel so blessed every day that I can┬ácombine two of the things that I love most in life for my job, children and pictures!

18I still remember the first camera I got for my birthday when I was a child and I have been in love ever since. You would never have found me without my camera and to this day I always have at least one piece of equipment to take pictures with me at all times.

My husband, Jack, works for a construction company and we are the proud parents of two beautiful children, Lisa and Tyler, who are my entire world.

I love what I do and I feel so special and grateful that I am able to capture moments of new mothers and their newborns and give them memories that they will cherish and have for the rest of their lives. Not many people can say that they love their job and feel the sort of satisfaction that I get from my job every single day.

If you would like to see some more of my work or have any questions about my photography business you can reach me right over here.