Every Aspect of My Life!

Sometimes I think I might be being a little bit obnoxious with my camera for other people but you know what? I cannot help myself and there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t be able to capture some sort of memory with a quick photo.

my real life

So you know at this point that my career and specialty is with children and maternity photos, but you can always see me with a camera at home as well.
9If you caught my about page, you know that my husband, Jack, works for a construction company and a lot of the work he does is roofing on commercial buildings and homes.

If he has ever done any work on our house I always try and sneak out and capture some moments of him doing his work when he isn’t looking and I get as many as I can until he finally notices. This may sound kind of creepy to some of you out there but there is something about capturing live moments when someone is doing something they love and they don’t even know that they are being photographed. And I hope this goes without saying, but you obviously only do this with people you know would be alright with it. I am not trying to condone any secret photography here 🙂

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