My Kids Too

As you know by now, I focus my career and most of my photography on children and maternity portraits. On my last one you saw how I incorporate my photography into my own every day life by sneaking pictures of my husband if he is ever doing work around our house when he isn’t expecting it (I do not condone this!).

my children love it!

9You better believe that I take just as many pictures, if not way more, of my kids every day as I do with my husband. I love taking pictures of them when they aren’t necessarily expecting it and when I can catch them off guard. I think I talked about it a little bit last time, but I love action shots when people don’t realize I am taking their picture and really am able to capture the moment as a whole and completely naturally.

Both of my kids love my photography just as much as I do and I am really trying to get them more into it so that they can appreciate what it means to capture memories and remember the good days of being together as a family before they get too old and forget about little old mom and dad. Once that day comes you better believe that I will have books and books filled with memories so they will never be able to fully escape their mother!


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