Not Just My Career

My kids aren’t the only ones who appreciate their mother’s career and love of photography; pretty much everyone in my life does! Now I understand that photography might not be for everyone and not everyone can walk around 24/7 with a camera ready to go at all times.

eyeBut that being said, I have found it very hard to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate the pictures that are being taken when they are showed. I understand that a lot of people might prefer to embrace the moment instead of just trying to take tons of pictures, but those same people are always so grateful that someone was there to snap a few pictures when they weren’t.

everyone can use them!

So you know by now that my husband, Jack, works for a construction company and they do a lot of roofing and home improvement projects. Can you think of any company or business that wouldn’t benefit from having a professional photographer as their wife? Because I am the lovely and caring wife that I am, I helped my husband and his company with their photography work for their website and other aspects of their business and they could not have been more grateful and appreciative.

Can you guess who was behind the camera in a lot of these pictures and ideas?

You guessed it, me! Sometimes a bunch of guys just need a woman’s touch to their business and make it stand out to more than just guys with tool belts 🙂

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