Perfect Match

After reading over my last post about having the ability to get away every once in a while during work made me realize how perfect my husband and I are together. The last time I talked about my husband and his work was in regards to how much we both love working with people.

Well after my husband saw my post he told me how he looks at his job in the exact same way and he would probably go just as crazy if he was required to be around other roofers at all times as if he always had to work solo. We are just the perfect match for each other 🙂

finding that happy medium

Just like me and my career, my husband does have the option to kind of go off and do his own thing when he is working on certain roofing or construction jobs and get some time alone. Although he doesn’t get his own roof to work on, he definitely has enough room where he can find his own space and be in his own little world. This was just the case last weekend when he was working with another roofing company, Superior Roofing, Siding & Gutters, and he wasn’t having the best day.

roofDepending on the kind of work they are doing determines how easily he is able to get away and collect himself. When working on home improvement projects inside he is generally in much closer quarters with other contractors and doesn’t have much space to get away. When he is having a bad day like last weekend, he much prefers working with repairing or adding an asphalt roof because there is a lot more room to work and is obviously done outside. There are many jobs that go into what he does and if he is having an off day there is always something to do that is away from others if he so desires.

I have never really though about it before, but I really do think this is a big reason my husband and I are so good together. We love working with people and being around others 99% of the time but respect each others space when we need it.

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