Working Solo

As you could probably tell from my last couple of posts, my husband and I both enjoy working with others (for the most part at least). I really couldn’t imagine having to work by myself in an office or cubicle and not have any interactions with people.

As a photographer, I do get to enjoy working with other people and clients in my building and thankfully, we get along great. That being said, as a normal human being (I like to think anyway) I do enjoy my alone time every once in a while and do need some alone time.

Best of both worlds

I found an interesting article on Reddit about people giving their personal experiences with working in an office. Click here if you are interested but to sum it up, it sounds horrible and I couldn’t imagine doing it.

This is a huge reason why I love my career so much. While I really can’t get away from taking pictures and working with my clients, if I am ever having a bad day or just really need to get away for a little bit my job gives me the options of getting away to my own room for a bit and finishing up my work solo. I am so fortunate to be working where I am and have the ability to this because everyone needs their alone time sometimes, right?

Once I get whatever I need to out of my system I can get right back into our main office with my co workers and get right back to work with them. We all understand that personal space is important and everyone that I work with respects and honors it whenever it happens without question.

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