Working With Others

The community that is involved with photography is so great and makes my job so much better each and every day. Personally, I love working and interacting with people every day and especially seeing how excited their faces are when I first show them the results of our last photo shoot.

Taking pictures might not be for everyone but anyone can appreciate the feeling of someone being genuinely surprised (in a good way) at the way your work turned out for them.

we are people persons

The same thing goes for my husband as well. We have always gotten along with other people and genuinely enjoy the company of others. As you know by now, Jack works for a construction company and the majority of the work he does is roofing for homes and loves who he works with.

friendNeither of us could imagine working in an office or a cubicle without any human interaction for work and we are extremely thankful for having the careers that we have. He recently did a project for a company where they were looking to hire affordable roof repair in Tulsa, OK and he was put on a team of about 10 other roofing contractors that he had never worked with before.

They were all licensed & insured contractors like my husband, but they apparently weren’t used to working with someone as friendly and chatty as Jack. They had to remodel commercial buildings at 2 different locations for a client and my husband was on the job for just over a month. During that time he told me that he probably had a full conversation maybe two times over the coarse of the whole project.

Thankfully his normal crew of guys are just as talkative as he is and neither of us could imagine having to do a job where we work with unfriendly people like that all day.

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