Worth A Thousand Words…

There really is nothing that can compare to the feeling of finding a old photograph from years ago that you have forgotten about and you can immediately put yourself back to that exact place and time and feel the emotions coming back to you.

This is the reason I have always had such a fascination and passion for photography and my camera. There is never a moment in time that you will not someday wish you could relive (well, for the most part) and I for one don’t want to leave any memories behind.

not just my job

7I probably get annoying with my photography, but there isn’t anything that I won’t try to incorporate it in somehow or in some way. Thank you cards, invitations, holiday cards, and everything in between has some sort of incorporation with my photography for whoever I am giving them to and it always goes a really long way.

There is something about taking the time to go out of my way and show that I care about the relationships and the people that I have in my life and that I cherish them so much by keeping pictures of them and the memories that go with them forever.

Doesn’t it feel great to actually get a card in the mail these days with technology taking over? Now think about how much better it feels when you know that person wasn’t just doing it because they felt like they had to. This is what I try to capture with my photography.

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